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She is a very simple and innocent girl. She is a kind, every parent would be proud to have as a child, and every man would want to love. Everything was going well in her life, she had great parents, a cute little brother and a fiance. But one day, everything changed; he saw her and now, he wanted her, no matter what the method is, and no matter what the price is! But, she feared him!

He had a horrible past, full of poverty and abuse. He grew up to find that, everything could be received with power.....only. So, he went for it. And now, he is the leader of the famous mafia group. He got what he wanted..... always. But, now he wanted her. He loved her!

Inner__Demons__ Inner__Demons__ Mar 06, 2016
Dued if you threaten to kill her brother and make her cry than I don't think you love her
VineethaPyla VineethaPyla Mar 04, 2016
We wer talking abt stories n She asked me to read this story cuz its nyc..dats it!:)