Aunt Natasha and Percy Jackson

Aunt Natasha and Percy Jackson

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Sami & Hannah By SamiRose18 Updated Jun 17, 2016

After the Giant War, only two of the Seven survived: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Deciding to take a little break from the mythology world, Percy goes home to discover something horrible. Now he has to go off and live with a long-lost aunt, who just so happens to live in the limelight. 

Fury is, well, furious. Every time he gets close to figuring this case out, it slips through his fingers like water. When he finally does solve it, he delves further into Natasha Romanova/Romanoff's past than he thought possible. He discovers she has a nephew. And this nephew, is his target. 

A PJO/Avengers crossover. Natasha has now become an aunt. 

Troubles awaiting. And maybe, just maybe, Percy knows more about this than he lets on. 

WARNING: fangirl Thor.

Sam_Dean_Castiel_ Sam_Dean_Castiel_ Mar 21, 2016
What's wrong with my cuzs name? Huh I'll freaking raise the dead on you
TheOddPairingChick TheOddPairingChick Feb 19, 2016
I was gonna name one of mine Perseus before I even read the series. And the other was going to be Andromeda... her nickname will be Annie.
schist_happens_ schist_happens_ Feb 09, 2016
Uh my current boyfriend (relationship problems don't ask) my first ever nintendo DS (it got stolen) etc
XuniquelyrareX XuniquelyrareX Aug 04, 2016
The one and only sally who is a bamf that will destroy your ass if you hurt her baby, persassius jacksasson
_Im2slick4u_ _Im2slick4u_ Jun 06, 2016
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue 
                              I am full of swag
                              And so are you
moanaalohakai18 moanaalohakai18 May 16, 2016
The fact that you warned us about fangirl Thor is what made me want to read this book the most