The Autistic and the Bad Boy

The Autistic and the Bad Boy

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new acc -> @cyprhers By shawtymanes Updated Jun 27, 2017

When Morgan and Laura Evans found out their child, Priscilla Rose Evans, was an autistic everything changed. But, raising her was even more of change. The couple couldn't play practical jokes or make sarcastic comments to their daughter because she would take them literally or anything that happened very sensitively.

When Jeremy and Patricia McCann found out their son, Jason Andrew Mccann, was going to be born into a gang lifestyle they already knew he was going to be trouble. He disobeyed every command, every lecture, and every grounding his father had given him growing up. The two parents were just always frustrated with him.

But what really irked Jeremy the most, was the fact that Priscilla could make his heart melt. The two are unseperable from each other, which made Jeremy's anger reach the ultimatum. Jeremy, the Mafia king,  couldn't have his son falling for someone as poor and low as the Evans. 

When Jason refuses to marry a Mafia princess, Jeremy McCann will go to great measures to have Priscilla out of Jason's life, even death.

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