Bella and Jasper

Bella and Jasper

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kyrstinpeters14 By kyrstinpeters14 Updated Sep 20, 2016

I'm Isabella Swan, but people call me Bella. I was coming to live with my father Charlie since my mother wanted to travel with my stepfather Paul. I just got off the plane. I'm in Charlie's police car. "Thanks for letting me stay her Ch-dad"I said. This is so awkward.

Dude man up its only your stinkin' dad

Shut up

I'm you so you telling yourself to shut up


"Your welcome" he said breaking me from the conversation I had with myself. I sound completely insane. When we pulled up to his house I went straight to my old room. Charlie followed.

"If you need a car Billy said you can have the one he worked on" yea I want a car from prehistoric Times. NOT.

That is why I love you

The voice in my head doesn't always bother me. She said her name is Izy, if I get really mad her demon comes out the 'Godess of War'. No one knows about them because I don't trust many people and neither do they.

"No thanks I've got money to buy a car" and Texas. I have many talents I Wright books under fake...

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