Through the dark ⚀ Liam Dunbar

Through the dark ⚀ Liam Dunbar

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Maya Stilinski has been through all the supernatural stuff since her cousin's best friend got bit. Its her first year at Beacon Hills High and halfway through the year, she meets a new boy with perfect blue eyes. 
When she finds out Scott bites him and his is beta now, will she try to help, or will she disappoint everyone?

| I do not own teen wolf or the characters  the only character I own is maya |

Season 4

_RoscoeStilinski_ _RoscoeStilinski_ Aug 12, 2016
I don't understand how girls just blush when a teen wolf boys winks at them. Me? I'm falling to the ground like I just got shot. I will need CPR and some milk
                              i don't have asthma
amb-chan amb-chan Dec 21, 2016
Now that I think about it, Stiles reminds me of pre-serum Steve, when he was all skinny and stood up to bullies even thought he knew he couldn't do much against them he still persisted..
themessagemcn themessagemcn Oct 17, 2016
I understood that reference (if you get this reference, I love you)
Mustybutthole Mustybutthole Jul 22, 2016
Whw I think of France I think about the soccer team and when I think of that I think of Griezmann and Pogba and when I think of them I think of 2 players that have the potential to win the ballon d'or someday (:
i know this is nothing to do with it but in english we were writing stories and i wrote it about teen wolf and miss was like what ur story about and everyone groaned 
                              they no me so well