Through the dark ⚀ Liam Dunbar

Through the dark ⚀ Liam Dunbar

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Maya Stilinski has been through all the supernatural stuff since her cousin's best friend got bit. Its her first year at Beacon Hills High and halfway through the year, she meets a new boy with perfect blue eyes. 
When she finds out Scott bites him and his is beta now, will she try to help, or will she disappoint everyone?

| I do not own teen wolf or the characters  the only character I own is maya |

Season 4

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I would do that too but I would still make him do the suicide runs
Stiles_Roscoe Stiles_Roscoe Oct 31, 2017
Yes, it does. I did my homework. Did you know there is also a werefish? Werefoxes are cool too
iiBELLONAii iiBELLONAii Jul 13, 2017
He could have a mouth filled with food and grease smeared on his face and wear a garbage bag ( all at the same time ) and still look hot
Fremmer_Savage-Lit Fremmer_Savage-Lit Dec 23, 2017
Beta like Alpha, ya know cause in season 1 Scott tried to impress Allison
Kate18787878 Kate18787878 Mar 19, 2017
I really like this story but basically every one I read has Liam trying to impress the main girl and they realize that but I'm thinking what if they weren't trying to impress you you just thought they were
-hairystyles -hairystyles Jan 09, 2017
it must be love 
                              love love
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                              it must be love lOVE LOVE