Cyber Bullied // Ethan Dolan

Cyber Bullied // Ethan Dolan

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Emma Parks. Things couldn't have been better for her, life was great. But could an unexpected relationship ruin it all? 


in this book, the character goes through self harm, suicidal thoughts, and bullying. So if you are triggered easily, or if you simply do not like this type of content, then I suggest you don't read this book. Thank you.

allysha_105 allysha_105 Oct 16
Jack.......Hemmings, Dail, Johnson,Gilinsky,Harries,Maynard.... like wtf? There's to many -__-
allysha_105 allysha_105 Oct 16
I have to get up for school at 6am but I always sleep at like 4am.
lmao i was addicted to pll up until season 6 bc it got so shitty and they were running out of ideas
lmao everyone here has the same names whereas my name starts with a Z, no not Zoie or Zoe or Zoella or anything common. Smh
xSkyDolanx xSkyDolanx Nov 18
Personification, warmth of vehicles can't hug you. Yeah, I pay attention during class. Surprised, I think tf not
xSkyDolanx xSkyDolanx Nov 18
Got a secret
                              Can you keep it?
                              Swear this one you'll save
                              Better lock it, in your pocket
                              Taking this one to the grave
                              If I show you then I know you
                              Won't tell what I said
                              'Cause two can keep a secret
                              If one of them is dead