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Wolf Boy

Wolf Boy

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Bella By bella538 Completed

Clumsy, accident prone and selfish. All words that were thrown around carelessly when one was talking about Catherine Smyth.
Catherine was clumsy and accident prone. So accident prone that she was simply walking down Diagon Alley when she slipped and fell, landing in the arms, belonging to a boy with sandy blonde hair and the most gorgeous, cloudy green eyes she'd ever seen.
That was the best accident of her life. Because it shaped, not only her entire fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but her entire life.
Remus Lupin changed everything for the better for Catherine, including herself.


SparkHope6905 SparkHope6905 May 23, 2016
Small group 'cuz everyone is wary of her! I mean everyone is clumsy sometimes! Once a caterpillar then a Butterfly!😃
Hannaahfitz Hannaahfitz Oct 21, 2016
I'm rereading this and i'm crying because i know what happens and i'm just gonna die all over again!
In 5th grade I bribed the lunch lady to sneeze on the popular kids food.
sonofabanshee01 sonofabanshee01 Apr 28, 2016
I really like this introduction, no idea why, but it's so good 😊
21panicingkilljoys 21panicingkilljoys Apr 25, 2016
She is me even with the little amount of friends the popular kids hate me so everyone hates me
Hogwarts_Life Hogwarts_Life Aug 11, 2016
This has given me so many feels, they were so innocent in the beginning! They had no idea you were going to tear apart their lives cruel author! (Jk(Rowling) I love your writing and I've read this so many times I can basically recite it)