What a Camp! [BoyxBoy]

What a Camp! [BoyxBoy]

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Escalante and Carlo stepped into the wrong world the moment they entered Camp Rock Bottom. Even the name says it all. It was like all the godliness they knew went out the window. Let's just say a couple tables were turned and a couple drinks were poured. Escalante and Carlo weren't exactly saints but the moment they stepped into that camp, they felt more saint that anything. 

     This and that happened and when two guys are alone, the colors of the rainbow start to spread. Well, among the booze, chicks and sex there is always someone that tries to ruin the fun. Let's just pray it isn't someone we like.

[May contain scenes with Strong Language, Violence, and Mature Content. Viewers discretion is advised.]

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So basically you named him climber but in Spanish  ...I'm dead I love his name
- - Jun 01
                              I thought I'm far from Canada but that's a whole new level of far
                              THEY ARE COMING TO MA CITAYYYYY!!!!
                              THAT'S REALLY FAR.
                              also, YAY Puerto Rico~
                              My heritage
hamkyo hamkyo Jun 25
OH MY...😶😶😶😶 that was very hit indeed 👌👍🔥🔥
- - Jun 01
I can imagine how jealous my friend would be 
                              She likes cold and darkness
                              Also probably underground things