A collection of short scary stories

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Lucy By xxlucyxx96 Updated 4 years ago
this is book fiiled with scary stories that will haunt you for life the more reads and votes i get the more stories i will upload :)
I think it is a little hard to concentrate on the story with all of the grammatical mistakes. It makes it easier to read when the "I" is capitalized. Watch your spelling and spacing as well. Otherwise I think the stories are really good!
Why the heck would you ask if there was a six foot clown in a babies room?
Its not a scary story
                                    but please read... short stories
@xxlucyxx96  Please write more short horror stories! they are aweosme!
omg why did i read this i have the biggest fear of clowns and its 1:28 am in the morning and im the  only one awake oh crap now im scared this story was so scary i gasped at the end
Kept me reading. Grammatical issues still. I loved it either way.