Forever Enemies

Forever Enemies

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Oil and Water
North and South
Fire and Ice

'Opposite' is the word to describe Baekhyun and Jihyun. They never ever stop fighting. All they do is fight and throw a grenade to each other. 

Students are tired because of there bickered. They never stop. They bicker about little things thats not really important. Students wish that they be a couple because it will be cute and they're like the king and queen of school. 

Sometimes the king and queen of school always date but not this one. 

Suddenly just because 1 punishment and a little help from their friends and principal , everything changes. They started to develope something but they hide it just because they have a pride to protect.

Will they be friends? Or maybe more than friends? Or maybe they will still bicker over each other? 

Read to find out.

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goetic goetic May 15
my friend once kept kicking a guy in third grade so the guy told the teacher "mIsS sHe KeEpS oN kIcKiNg mE" and the teacher said "maybe she likes you but doesn't know how to express it" i was laughing my ass off and she was triggered because she hated his guts 😂😂
They are going to the valentine party together.... and boom they win wte award that are displayed
i always sit on the back the back is the loudest but the front row always gets the blame and thats sad
anan_10 anan_10 Apr 12
I am supposed to be sleeping so I can't even scream!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhh!!!
I am in car with my dad and he asked me "geez, stop messaging your boyfriend " hahahha
scftbyun scftbyun Aug 01