Forever Enemies

Forever Enemies

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Oil and Water
North and South
Fire and Ice

'Opposite' is the word to describe Baekhyun and Jihyun. They never ever stop fighting. All they do is fight and throw a grenade to each other. 

Students are tired because of there bickered. They never stop. They bicker about little things thats not really important. Students wish that they be a couple because it will be cute and they're like the king and queen of school. 

Sometimes the king and queen of school always date but not this one. 

Suddenly just because 1 punishment and a little help from their friends and principal , everything changes. They started to develope something but they hide it just because they have a pride to protect.

Will they be friends? Or maybe more than friends? Or maybe they will still bicker over each other? 

Read to find out.

RysaDyra RysaDyra Jun 17
Okay! I think i already know what is their principal plan for baekhyun and jihyun
AQCP_1216 AQCP_1216 May 01
I had to read this same little sentence so many times to get it... I still dont get it. It just sound weird in my mind.
                              "I screw him anyway!"
                              I keep thinking that that says "I'D screw him anyway!"
YunjiOh YunjiOh Apr 01
I want that kind of principal......I always end up in principal's office with him.......😂😂😂😂
Wtf this principal is not professional, at all. I'm 15 and I could do better than him. Who is he to say shiz like this to his students?
katroshka1 katroshka1 Jul 18
I've been getting the same lecture since 4th grade with the exact same words 😂😂😂
Acupoftaeandsuga Acupoftaeandsuga Dec 23, 2016
Prediction: she does something with Baekhyun like dance, kiss or smth.