Stranded (A One Direction Fanfiction)

Stranded (A One Direction Fanfiction)

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Oℓινια By CarrotHearts1D Completed

Faith Cunnings is screwed. After winning a "mystery prize" with a radio contest, she later finds out that she is going on a cruise with the same people that beat her during the X-Factor.

One Direction. Even though they got in third place, they rubbed it in Faith's face and she has hated them ever since. But when Faith finds herself stuck on an island with THE Louis Tomlinson, she can't help but resist the urge to kill herself.

The same Louis Tomlinson who bullied her in grade school. 

What will Faith do when she is forced to depend her life on Louis? See it now, in: Stranded: A One Direction Fanfiction.

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CharisMorin1D CharisMorin1D Sep 27, 2016
Louis and the rest of the boys would never be that mean to someone!! And I would never picture Louis as a bully.
CharisMorin1D CharisMorin1D Sep 27, 2016
If I got to go on a cruise with One Direction, I would be the happiest girl on the planet!!
StormyMizell StormyMizell Apr 19, 2013
don't say it is a bad chapter you are a good writer DONT beat yourself up
xoxosabrii_ xoxosabrii_ Mar 11, 2013
If I went on a cruise with One Direction, the first thing I would do is 69 69 69!!!!!! Hahahaha jkjkjkjk
xoxosabrii_ xoxosabrii_ Mar 11, 2013
You said the word 'chapter' a loy in your Author's Note. Hahahaha. Its super good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!