Roommates [jikook]

Roommates [jikook]

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미겔 By ThrustMeLarreh Updated Apr 29

Park Jimin was an ordinary guy living alone in his apartment. But all of that changed when a boy named Jeon Jungkook started to move in with him. This will be the boy that will change Jimin's life forever.

(This story is inspired by the K-Drama on Mnet called "The Lover". There is a homosexual couple in that show and it really got me the feels. I hope you enjoy)

(C) 2015 ThrustMeLarreh.

Oh my god, wait, first: yes - the lover that you mentioned in the description was so good like yes :3 okay now I'll start reading haha~
I didn't get a chance to finish the drama, so I think it's a good chance to know the ending.. I know there'll be difference but it's jikook anyway..
When you think about about how that went down in the drama and are slightly worried for what's gonna happen if it's anything like the drama
This brings me back to the korean drama 'The Lover' *Ahhh meh feels*
JiminRocks JiminRocks Jun 22
Btw joon jae played in a BL movie again!
                              First time i saw him in that movie i didnt realized it was him! He looks sooo badass!!!
                              Its called "Night Flight" check it up, it gets rly intense to the end!
AndrjaKe AndrjaKe Jan 01
i think i saw a drama with two boys and It was just like you wrote, i love it .