My Rock Star (FNAF Bonnie x Reader)

My Rock Star (FNAF Bonnie x Reader)

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EeveeGirl518 By EeveeGirl518 Updated Apr 19, 2016

So this one is gonna be different.

This one will be set in a high school. I decided to tell you guys ahead so you guys won't get confused. So this will also be different cause people in the story will be hybrids!!!

Why? Cause I can. Don't judge me. I thought thus would be a cool idea.

But seriously don't judge me!

WARNING: May contain inappropriate language.

Anyway on to the story!

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I_Am_Trash_Period I_Am_Trash_Period Apr 09, 2017
That is the exact line my mother says to me when I got to school HOW DID YOU KNOW?
Gunter_Copy_Gunter Gunter_Copy_Gunter Mar 16, 2017
So what's his full name..?
                              Let me guess:
                              Foxy Roosevelt Fox
                              (Idk that just came in on my head )
I_Am_Trash_Period I_Am_Trash_Period Apr 09, 2017
Is it bonnet? An adult bonnet PERFECT MORE FRIKIN ANNOYING GIGGLES or it'd not an adult bonnet
Disastriss Disastriss Oct 20, 2017
My mom says: don't do anything stupid, I do the exact opposite of what she said
BENdrowned1011 BENdrowned1011 Aug 04, 2017
Alex_Is_Unknown Alex_Is_Unknown Nov 07, 2017
Why would we judge you when we read  love stories with robot animals?