My Rock Star (FNAF Bonnie x Reader)

My Rock Star (FNAF Bonnie x Reader)

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EeveeGirl518 By EeveeGirl518 Updated Apr 19

So this one is gonna be different.

This one will be set in a high school. I decided to tell you guys ahead so you guys won't get confused. So this will also be different cause people in the story will be hybrids!!!

Why? Cause I can. Don't judge me. I thought thus would be a cool idea.

But seriously don't judge me!

WARNING: May contain inappropriate language.

Anyway on to the story!

Awww! Toy Bonnie is little sis and Springtrap is little bro! Kawaii!~
Bottle_Kap Bottle_Kap Jul 03
I love how I see Bonnie's full name in other Fnaf Fics is Bonnie Benjamin Bunny XD
Me and my friends have an inside joke about the name Benjamin and uh I cri
This is REALLY good! But wouldnt Springtrap be an older brother since well... Springtrap was built before Bonnie careful her eyes might turn black and white -_-'
Ok not to complain but what color mixes with pink to make purple? Yes I know most likely blue but if you think about it Bonnie's more of a dark or bright purple not a magenta..
                              But I love this story to much to worry about that =3