You're My Ex-Bodyguard and now my Lover. ( Book 2)

You're My Ex-Bodyguard and now my Lover. ( Book 2)

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Jaydee By NeverExonding Updated Sep 24

( Read EXO Bodyguard, first before reading this. Thank You )

2 years after the last time EXO and the girls meet Scott.

EXO has a happy life as idols, many fans, many haters. And my most favourite's the Killers. ( Just kidding )

For the past 2 years, many companies hated EXO for there fame, so what's the best way to get rid of them? is by hiring the best rouges to hunt them down. But for this past 2 years they have been saved by 5 unknown peaple wearing black. In every concert they are there.

Mr.Wuh, CEO of SSIA ( Secret Spy Inteligence Agency ) and Kris' s father.
Is curious about this 5. So, one day he sent his agents to take some DNA from this 5 in a concert.... And that's what happened.

The result of the DNA was positive. Who would have thought that this 5 are gonna be the worst bump of SSIA? 

Meet the 3 of this unknown 5.

Bomi, Stace and Eun Min. SSIA's Ex top agents.
and EXO's Ex-bodygaurd.

And now with there new 2 members. They will finish what they started.

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