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Gay Smut

Gay Smut

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RobinSSB By RobinSSB Completed

This is my first gay smut(if you would even call this one smut, really). So, bear with me. XD

Liam and Jeremy sat in Liam's room playing Black OPs. They were having an intense competition. The two were gambling and would do anything to win the quick scoping match.

Jeremy tied Liam in the game. So, Liam had to do anything he could to win, including taking advantage of Jeremy. He started to nibble on Jeremy's neck, trying to distract him from the game. 

Jeremy was getting flustered. Be couldn't focus on the game, yet he couldn't give into Liam's seductive games. He had to win the game. So, he used Liam's own strategy against him.

Jeremy turned towards Liam and quickly slammed his smooth lips into Liam's. They kissed roughly, yet passionately, and Liam was in complete shock from Jeremy attacking him with so much lust and passion. Jeremy was always so shy, yet he didn't hold back this time.

Jeremy continued to kiss Liam as he swung his leg over Liam's to get on his lap and wrap his le...

Bootious Bootious Nov 13, 2016
Bootious Bootious Oct 15, 2016
                              What's better than some good ol' fashioned premeditated gay smex?
Bootious Bootious Oct 15, 2016
"I'm seeing the pain,
                              Seeing the pleasure.
                              Nobody but you,
                              'Body but me,
                              'Body but us,
                              Bodies together."
                              -Zayn, 20Whatever.
Bootious Bootious Oct 14, 2016
I have no idea which one's older here but I have two friends, a Jacob and a Ryan and I imagine them doing this now even though they're both straight af.
Bootious Bootious Oct 17, 2016
Pump it!
                              Pump it! 
                              Let the radio-
                              Sorry, it was for some reason the first thing I thought of.
Bootious Bootious Feb 14
I just realized I somehow found my way back here.
                              Wonderful. XD