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Tsukishima Kei x Reader [[ Madly inlove with you.]]

Tsukishima Kei x Reader [[ Madly inlove with you.]]

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tsukiosuka By _lunako_ Updated Mar 27, 2016

It was already been months when (y/n) kept her feelings away from someone she liked. Someone from the volleyball club, who was tall, cool and sometimes blunt but you find attractive anyways. Tsukishima and you were classmates but still, your feelings were unspoken, and you barely talk to each other. There was no sign of hope after all. 

Everytime you try to stare at the male, you could even see that he was staring as well. That gave you hope, what makes you tenacious. 

You used to play different kinds of sports but due to your injuries on hip, you were forced to stop playing for your life time. Which made you completely sad. 

During your next subject you all were assigned to group into 4 for some group activities. (Y/n) didn't joined anyone in their group, too shy to ask, to bother if she can join groups. She was just bad at socializing and expressing things after all. She stood there steadily on the spot as everyone already got their members, except you, but you snapped out from yo...

_Bbygrrl_ _Bbygrrl_ Nov 18, 2016
He's tall
                              I'm short
                              He's hot
                              I'm not
                              He's cold
                              I'm kind
                              He's putgoing
                              I'm a shy potato
                              He can do anything 
                              Hello anxiety
                              He's skinny and has a good body
                              I'm chubby and on my period
                              But we're both great at volldeyball
JaggiZ JaggiZ Jan 19
I'm just wwayto shy because the volleyball girls at my school are tall and pretty judgemental
........can't you see Tsukishima want to love me? why do you always get in the way of my romance between Tsukishima?
IceCreamSenpai IceCreamSenpai Dec 30, 2016
_Bbygrrl_ _Bbygrrl_ Nov 18, 2016
My real life crush always takes my pen and manages to grab my hand in the process. And he's always sitting by me. And he always stares at me. And when everyone says he likes me of he's flirting with me he blushes bright red.
Bear_Queen_333 Bear_Queen_333 Oct 03, 2016
Tsukki isn't that diffrent but we have a lot of our differences