The New Collage Student (Jacksepticeye x Reader)

The New Collage Student (Jacksepticeye x Reader)

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xXMidnightWalkerXx By TrappedSoul Completed

You are just a girl at some College, living every day as normal...until one morning walking to college you meet someone, and he's going to your collage too!

You know you like him...but does he like you?


nicole23045 nicole23045 Aug 17
Green trousers? Green hair? Amazin. And Trousers lmao do you call it that in a dif plc?
Oh god I'm thinking of the photo booth video for some reason.XD
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                              (-_-)   /(•_•)\
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                              Don't ask me why.
I got food while I was upstairs? Do I have a mini fridge in my room? Awesome!
Does the author know it's college and not collage??? College and collage are two different things
femalefren femalefren Aug 31
I thought of Emily is away for a minute but then I pushed it back XD