Born of Fire. (Zuko x OC) book 1

Born of Fire. (Zuko x OC) book 1

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This is an Avatar : The Last Airbender fanfic in which my OC, Madelyn Grace Langston (or Maddy) is integrated into the story without changing the plot a whole lot. This is a Zuko love story too. and I tried to make it as good as a writer like me can. This is only the first book, Water, and if it gets good views I will continue with the next two and maybe the stories after that as well. 

Madelyn is from the universe where ATLA is just a tv show, by just  mean the only thing she seems to find any peace in, and she suddenly awakens on the deck of a certain Prince Zuko's ship and is immediately thrown into his chaotic hunt of the Avatar. After practically raising herself in her flawed home, she became independent and learned how to keep her emotions in check, but when she finds love sneaking up on her she starts to lose the side of her that craves solitude and darkness. Her phobia of fire and sudden talent for firebending create a chaotic pair as she battles both herself and her emotions in a fight that can only end one way.

Disclaimers: I do NOT own anyone from this story except Madelyn and everyone from her world. The plot and everything else belongs to the creators of the ATLA series.
there will be mild language throughout the story.

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Alfa_love Alfa_love Jun 28, 2017
In this chapter I realised we are breaking the fourth wall this how time because she knows.what is happening.
                              Tell me if I am wrong because I don't want to be an idiot thinking I am correct when I am wrong.
Dat_Fangirl_Otaku Dat_Fangirl_Otaku Oct 16, 2017
No no no, don't sleep on the floor - share the bed, to create unnecessary confusion, chaos, distrust and embarrassment! Cliché love is the way to go! Lol
LoverGirl658 LoverGirl658 Aug 29, 2017
COFFEEH IS MEH LIFE but sure I drink tea for meh sickness XD
jujubok jujubok Aug 02, 2017
She sounds like Toph, " I can take care of myself by myself..."  😂😂
VVAWriterB VVAWriterB Jun 10, 2017
I literally laughed like an evil idiot when I read this. 😂
AZUMI_1204 AZUMI_1204 Jun 10, 2017
                              L: Leak of sorrow
                              O: Ocean of tears
                              V: Valley of the Dead
                              E: END OF LIFE