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Percy Jackson chaos assassin

Percy Jackson chaos assassin

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Sloth Kushington By SlothKushington Completed

Percy POV

My life is over, and why? My father Poseidon claimed my half brother Tristan at Camp Half Blood. I remember Poseidon saying that he was going to claim more children, but I thought he was only joking! Obviously, he was telling the truth. Tristan is a good guy when he feels like it, which is absolutely never. And he stole everything from me. Percy Jackson no longer existed. And I want to know why Poseidon never brought him to Camp before. Why did he give me all the responsibility of the prophecy? Tristan is the same age as me and could have easily been the child of the prophecy. He put me through life threatening situations over and over again while he sat at home with his family and led a normal life. I just don't find it fair.

Anyways, my life is over.

Flashback 2 hours ago

 I've been on a quest for the last month away from Annabeth and I was more than ready to see her again. I was at the camp border along with Thalia and Grover and we were tired and battered. I wanted t...

Girl army? Seriously? I mean, if it's Chaos...shouldn't he jut have one big army? Or at least not armies that are separated by gender? 
                              I personally kind of feel like that's sexist, no offense to anyone
I would be inpressedwith him only if he took the form of Andre the Giant
Kim3227 Kim3227 Apr 08
Idk why but I'm just like "oh, ok" when I read this paragraph and everyone is like freaking out
CaptainSquid CaptainSquid Nov 20, 2016
That escalated rather quickly. I thought the whole "my life ended" thing at the beginning was just an exaggeration.
Bookfluff Bookfluff Sep 24, 2016
Bella1999sarahs Bella1999sarahs Dec 31, 2016
Little do you know, how I'm breaking while you fall asleep,
                              Little do you know, I'm still hunted by the memories