Second chance mates with the KING

Second chance mates with the KING

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I love her. 

Those words ruined her. Almost for life. 

She's gone.

Those words killed him in side. 

A second chance saved them.

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NerdyAssComicQueen NerdyAssComicQueen Apr 27, 2017
Ha, when he calls to check I'm still alive I'd be all like
                              "Naw, I'm dead, just chilling ma coffin."
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 25, 2017
Where has she been in the mean time?  It sounds like she ran from her pack to that town.  but in the second sentence of the second paragraph, she moved in 3 days ago.  Confusing.
puppylove3949 puppylove3949 Nov 29, 2017
Its sir not sire sorry to interrupt you but its annoying again just saying it really is a bad one bye keep writing it's a great brook so far💗💝💕💞💋💖💟💓💗💝💕💞💋💖💟💓💗💝💕💞💖💖💟💓
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 25, 2017
*Why call the dog a pet? 
                              *My beautiful dog Asher ( named after me, of course) is a lovely German Shepard/Husky mix with a fluffy white and black coat.
                              My brother, Keith, calls
                              Why mention the call in the first sentence and in the last?
StefLena StefLena Dec 13, 2017
Hopefully in school he only had to write his first and last name. But, what about documents, when they want your full name. Goodness....
x_UNDERtheSEA_x x_UNDERtheSEA_x Jul 03, 2017
7'2 god he's tall I'm gonna imagen that said 6"4 or something a little smaller 😂😂