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Bearing the Royal Mark (Completed)

Bearing the Royal Mark (Completed)

180K Reads 9.4K Votes 27 Part Story
A.J. By Mys_AJ Completed

A Rejected Princess Spin-off!


Wendy Keeler bears the Royal Mark. She's been rogue for a year. She had learned to defend herself against everyone- rogues and packs. Most importantly, she's emotionless.

Emotions is what got her into this mess. Her desire to be a higher ranking. Her love fore her ex-Alpha. Her excitement of being a Luna. Her greediness for the rank and her Alpha.

She acted off of her emotions. Her feelings broke her, but she's not gonna let emotions hurt her again.

Wendy no longer cares about ranks or love. Because at the end of the day, they don't matter. It's not about living a life worth living; it's just about surviving.

HIGHEST RANKING:    Werewolf #239

Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Nov 16, 2016
That made total sense. Emotions hurt people, so people ignore them and become "dead" inside
thebitchisback2 thebitchisback2 Dec 17, 2016
Maybe at some point Asher can remove the mark cause he didn't really mean to give her a royal mark. He just wanted her to understand that she was not going to be Luna
thecheetahshow thecheetahshow Dec 17, 2016
So this is like the rejected princess series, just about what happened to Wendy after she got the royal mark? 
                              Love your books btw😊
thebitchisback2 thebitchisback2 Dec 17, 2016
I feel bad for Wendy she wasn't a bad person. She was in love with Asher practically her whole life and just when she thought would have everything they ever wanted here comes his very powerful Royal mate
Female-Killer-Clown Female-Killer-Clown Jul 22, 2016
On the rejected princess which chapter was it in when she got rejected??
alliewilson17 alliewilson17 Sep 13, 2015
Um yeah we'll look at all his mistakes and all the cheating he did she makes one mistake and gets punished I mean come on. ( not directed at all towards the author just my own little rant to the character)