The Immortal King

The Immortal King

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__Inspire__ By __Inspire__ Updated May 23, 2016

We live in a world of injustice.
It's a world where the humans are now the hunted and the immortals are the hunters.
They rule. They control every aspect of our lives. It wasn't always like this though, there was a time where we lived freely and not fearfully. 
A time when we all coexisted, but that wasn't enough for them. 
They had to take everything. 
They took everything. 

Now they're raiding us, looking for me.
They need me. He wants me.
But I won't let them take me. I can't.
But it's too late, they've already found me.
Now they're carrying me out to their King, my soulmate.

*contains violence*
This is just an idea. Because I always just post ideas, but if you want- I can make it a short story.

kristywatson74 kristywatson74 2 days ago
Keep it going please. Really love the plot line. Very intriguing
Muppy-chan Muppy-chan May 02, 2016
Keep going! Don't leave a cliffhanger like this it's killing me!
AdlynSmith AdlynSmith Aug 08, 2016
He is a hybrid! Definitely hope u continue, even as a short story. I like d opening. A mother trying to protect her daughter n a daughter deliberately running from her mate n not just one time it seems. Very interesting.
FearlessLizard FearlessLizard May 02, 2016
Please keep going, it's the first chapter and I am already in love with this story!!!
sooooooooox2 sooooooooox2 Mar 21, 2016
That was an amazing introduction, I really hope you continue
AstralRelic AstralRelic Jun 05, 2016
Keep it going, this story is really unique and I can tell your a very talented writer !