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Cheater Levi x Depressed reader x Jean

Cheater Levi x Depressed reader x Jean

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officially Stupid By The_Baka_Squad Completed

~author note
Ok so i gonna started from the beginning ok there's gonna be a.....force lemon in one of the chapters so beware i won't warn you and I'll ask for help for the force lemon so lets go to the story 
(Your pov)
I wake up next to my Boyfriend Levi.
"He's so adorable while he's sleeping." I whisper.
"I can hear you you Fucking brat." Levi said and glared at me with his Cold grey eyes. (Yeah yeah rant with my stories  I don't give a Fuck i know I'm ten and i shouldn't be cursing but shit I HATE RANT BOOKS but if it's cyber bullying that people are saying something mean and the rant books talk about that than i love them because i care for the author deeply and i will try to cheer He/she up when ever and how ever i can now back to the story) 
"Morning sweetie." I said and kissed his cheek
"Mornin y/n." He said and got dressed for work.
(Try to sound like future dairy when you say sweetie or darling)
"So are we still up for dinner tonight." I asked.
"Sorry Honey i have a late night...

Ciel_Star1 Ciel_Star1 Jun 14, 2016
Damn Levi... ok I get it... you don't love me but damn... not the door slam
Saigestandingrock Saigestandingrock Jul 11, 2016
I'm 11 and I cuss and I don't know why 
                              I only say cuss words when I am angry
"Don't cheat on me" then don't cheat on me you ducking bastard
keagan20016 keagan20016 Dec 05, 2016
o,o I'm on me compooter and I can't see the picture is there supposed to be one..?
TokyoValley TokyoValley Jan 11
You know, you didn't have to put all that . We don't know of your ten...and since you did that we know, plus keep you're life out of book like age,where you live. It keep you safer
UniSquidGirl21 UniSquidGirl21 Dec 03, 2016
WTF why would you cheat on me if I can't cheat on you this sh*t make no friggin sense