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The Black Angel ( An Avengers Fan-Fiction)

The Black Angel ( An Avengers Fan-Fiction)

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Marvel targaryen By CamariMarvel Updated Aug 07, 2016

Black Angel is the newest member to The Avengers Initiative. With powers un-introduced to her team and even herself. Angel doesn't know where she is from, or who she is. All she has ever known is that she is not human, she's alienated from the rest of the group due to their own fear of her. The rumours, the facts, their image of Angel is sewn together with nothing but terror. 
She's broken.
 Living in the basement of the Avengers tower completely isolated from everyone. All the Avengers were told of Angel was that she was dangerous. Dangerously important, dangerously wanted, dangerously needed . When Angel is called into battle alongside the rest of The Avengers, secrets are obtained, death has arrived, and for the first time in Angels life she finds herself feeling alive. 

As Angel spends more time with the Avengers, relationships start to form. One full of darkness, and one filled with light.  
I only own the rights to Black Angel and the story plot. All other characters belong to Marvel or DC.

I swear if I had a belt I'd beat tony like there is no tomorrow
Raven_mellanna Raven_mellanna Aug 03, 2016
awww. that's really sad and happy at the same time so i'm very confuzzuld at the moment. and that was very nice of angel! so she does have a heart!!
lokisgal01 lokisgal01 Aug 03, 2016
If you listen carefully you can hear Steve shouting " I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE !"
fettywatty333 fettywatty333 Jul 29, 2016
I swear if you got that from Harry potter I will forever be your new bestfriend
wildcard9 wildcard9 Sep 05, 2016
This is really sad. But totally amazing at the same time! 😍😍😍😚
Roseythewolf Roseythewolf Oct 22, 2016
Life's not fair tony....not Eveyone is rich I barely get to live in a house