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Johnson and Gilinsky are "friends" if you ask there parents. But if you ask anyone else the answer is simply they hate each other.

When Johnson's parents leave for a business trip for a year his parents force him to stay at the Gilinsky house hold. What could possible go wrong?

(Not finished never going to be finished)

Aye_its_Quinn Aye_its_Quinn Nov 16, 2016
All the ships are opposite 😯😢😣😣😣😣😣😣😦😦
GoodbyeCashton GoodbyeCashton Jun 23, 2016
"Ms.Dolphin Can I please go to the bathroom" Idk why thats so funny but 😂
RainbowKitty325 RainbowKitty325 Jun 26, 2016
Is it sad that I was reading this in Meghan mccarthy's voice??
formerbaker formerbaker Jun 14, 2016
I like the story so far but please proof read before you publish.
jolee_11 jolee_11 Dec 07, 2016
His snapchat skits are the funniest omg the pedophile one cracked me up BC he said he was 18 going to swim lessons
nefariously nefariously Jun 10, 2016
Your story makes me sad. I am glad that you did right by that girl.