The Gathering Dark

The Gathering Dark

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Gavin Wilson By TheOrangutan Completed

(Fantasy Adventure) The Kobold are coming. As the tide of Gathering Dark threatens not only the elves, but the dwarves, and shattered remnants of the human populace, only a few stand in their way: only they can restore the lost City of Ai. 

And then there's the dragon...

Sorcery, ancient magic, sword play, and high fantasy take the stage in an epic tale of good vs evil. Can a tetchy dwarven monk, a couple of sarcastic elves, and a dragon with a penchant for venison restore the Lost City of Ai and the legendary Eyes of Glan. Or will the ever flowing tide of Kobold finally take the Realm? 

The Gathering Dark, a sword and sorcery fantasy by Gavin Wilson

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BrianTubbs BrianTubbs Jun 19, 2017
An exciting start. Very good action. I have to sheepishly admit, however, that I had to look up the word "chittering." :-)  Well done.
deborahgordon123 deborahgordon123 Sep 03, 2017
What a great start. Compelling description and action all the while hinting well at the relationships among and between the characters. And, you can write well! World is your oyster!
Kettle_Of_Chimeras Kettle_Of_Chimeras May 07, 2016
Beg pardon, but this sounds like an RPG layout. X3 I know I'm a geek.
GamerOtaku401 GamerOtaku401 Mar 28, 2016
So wait, Are they all dead? Or did they just put a seal on the sword?
notbackingdown notbackingdown Dec 08, 2015
Holy coooww!! I feel like the hobbit don't stand a chance! I held my breath through most of this chapter!
katchmeifyoucannn katchmeifyoucannn Nov 04, 2015
Made the right decision send you a message. You have sick writing skills. *eyes shine in envy*