Maybe.... (Percabeth AU)

Maybe.... (Percabeth AU)

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We all know the story of Percabeth.

They start out as best friends, eventually fall in love, and start dating. Everyone loves that story. But what if the moment when they so actually start dating never happened? What if they never had the underwater kiss in the Last Olympian. While they still kissed under Mt. Saint Helens, they never kissed at CHB.

How Percy and Annabeth realize their feelings for each other? That's what this story is about.

AU STORY. There is no Prophecy of the Seven or the Underwater Kiss. All the events taking place in the PJO books happened, except for the underwater kiss between Percy and Annabeth. It's the year after the Battle of Manhattan, so Gaea isn't going to rise.

This amazing cover is by @devon3901

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123multifandoms101 123multifandoms101 Sep 09, 2017
You know, something tells me that he really would fall into Tartarus for you... just a hunch
kawaiipotato126 kawaiipotato126 Dec 21, 2017
She kissed you, 
                              I’m sorry can you not see that she likes you.
                              Your such a seaweed brain
                              Well done Percy, you live up to your name sake
NCISphan NCISphan Aug 19, 2017
Ummm don't insult Percy's very questionable intelligence. It's not nice. He's my brother.
Enter_Username5 Enter_Username5 Oct 09, 2017
Wait when did she become the redisgner wasnt that in the last olympian?
Sapphire_Starfire Sapphire_Starfire Sep 11, 2017
I'm sorry, not trying to be grammar police but...
                              Not lite
                              That is used differently.
Sapphire_Starfire Sapphire_Starfire Sep 11, 2017
 #rr but that has no relation to any of my comments. I don't even really remember what happens. I've read too many Percabeth fics.
                              About that Tartarus thing Annie...
                              Just wait a few books, don't worry.