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Avenger Preferences

Avenger Preferences

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bxllarxse By bxllarxse Completed

Requests are closed 
      • Steve Rogers || Captain America 
      • Tony Stark || Iron Man
      • Bruce Banner || The Hulk 
      • Clint Barton || Hawkeye 
      • Loki Laufeyson 
      • Pietro Maximoff || Quicksilver 
      • Bucky Barnes || The Winter Solider
      • Wanda Maximoff || Scarlet Witch
      •Natasha Romanoff || Black Widow 
      • Thor Odinson (upon request/occasionally)
      • Peter Parker || Spider-Man (upon request/occasionally)
      •  Peter Quill || Starlord (upon request/occasionally)
      • Scott Lang || Antman (upon request/occasionally)
      *No m/m, sorry*
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djpon04 djpon04 Aug 31, 2016
Fukase_is_bae Fukase_is_bae Oct 17, 2016
How did you know I have an obsession with History?? Lmao, I have so many historical facts yet my grade is a C in History.
tigerlily1231010 tigerlily1231010 Jul 10, 2016
I would honestly scream and then faint and try to faint where I would fall into his arms
kdoggy kdoggy May 10, 2016
I thought they were amazing. Crap or not, I will fangirl over all of it 😂
Yavanna80 Yavanna80 May 10, 2016
I didn't find them crappy when I read them, Bella. But it's your book, your choice and I'll be with you til the end of the line 😆
Fukase_is_bae Fukase_is_bae Oct 17, 2016
So for some reason, my mind didn't realize that you were talking about someone else and my first thought was, " Is there another Tony I should know about???"