Her (Editing)

Her (Editing)

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AjxRaeken By AjxLawley Updated 3 days ago

"This love is good, 

This love is bad, 

This love is alive,

Back from the dead, 

These hands, 

You had to let it go free, 

And then this love came back to me." 

All Rights go to Jeff Davis but!!!!! All Rights go to me with The Croft Family Story!

July 24, 2015 Bookaversary

Cover: @dark-desire

VikiRaeken2000 VikiRaeken2000 Aug 02, 2016
I'm on love with your Story 💕💕💕
                              It's so beautiful.❤
                              You are a amazing writer.❤
If she is a vampire, a sword wouldn't kill her? Plus werewolf healing and all that. Wouldn't she need her head chopped off or something??
ClaudiaStilinski225 ClaudiaStilinski225 Jun 04, 2016
Wow great way to start a love story let's break everyone's hearts :(
HaybellStilinski HaybellStilinski Jan 03, 2016
Wow the story just started and I'm already crying this writer thoughhhhh
-ambrosia -ambrosia Dec 17, 2015
and SAD
                                                      IM CRYING NOW
DontBeSuchASourWolf2 DontBeSuchASourWolf2 Sep 05, 2015
I respect you and I love your story, so much. I also hope that the Thieves will stop stealing your story. Your a great writer and your really awesome. :-)