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ella By elegantness Updated Nov 13

❝the sacred and the profane.❞

describing him as comely, would be an understatement. even with sweatpants and an old t-shirt, concluded to sending my hormones on overdrive. his brown tousled hair looked unmade, and his eyes seems to be an unusual color of blue. with a hardened jaw he closes the door behind him, enough to be heard throughout the whole diner.

i took a deep breath, inhaling his overly strong cologne. naturally, i found myself nearly falling asleep on the powerful scent. however, his broad frown prevented that and instead it transformed the morning darker. i struggled to keep my breathing unacknowledged, as his walking figure blurred.

Remember whenever I apply eos I always say "make sure you get the crevices 😂😂😂👌🏻"
2 out of 10, -Anna, "you're making me sound like a big butt face" stop.
Well well well..look what I got 🔥🔥 my type of thing 😂
Brings tears to my eyes and a burning flame to my childhood. *shudders*
why is every single chapter updated all the time???? is it a glitch cos it's so annoying
this is such a beautiful piece of writing you truly have a gift. keep gracing us with your magnificent masterpiece that would be great