Mystery ➳ Stiles Stilinski

Mystery ➳ Stiles Stilinski

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Ariana Mitchell has been living with her mother in Florida. After her father died her mother decided to move into Beacon Hills California. On the night before school started she walks into the woods. But she never knew that just one walk in the woods would change her life. 

I do not own Teen Wolf and/or any characters from the story expect for Ariana Mitchell and her mother. I give all credit to the producer Jeff Davis and anyone else who helps with the production of Teen Wolf. 

Season 1


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potato_queen1219 potato_queen1219 Jun 30, 2017
She dipped 
                              She was like "bitch. Who dafuq is bout to stay here and get attacked. Huh not me that do sho"
Although grammar and spelling was a bit off, I love the content and the story so far. So good job, I'm pretty hard to please.