Terrible Abusive Mate and also a Reject

Terrible Abusive Mate and also a Reject

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kcmali3 By kcmali3 Updated Aug 09

Adelyn had everything going for her ,perfect parents and a faithful best friend except the fact the alpha of her pack keep abusing and beating her up or her brother that keeps ignoring her cry of help.

Let's see how Adelyn survives this traitorous life of hers

There will be some grammar errors.

I thought she was trying to say
                              Can you dare to bang the door and walk in 
                              And the other side her abuser is yelling lol
I keep thinking of the Car Radio music video by TØP, I imagine her doing what Josh did before the best dropped
xXoKIARAoXx xXoKIARAoXx 6 days ago
I love backbone on a girl it's refreshing and new on wattpad.
But I thought you said she doesn't tell her family and brother?
When I stop u say sausage let's keep this shît going!!! Eggs bacon grits, SAUSAGE! (My bro and his best friend love that song and they would sing it all the time so now ik like entire freaking thing lol)
So her parents left their kids? Wtf kind of parents are these? White people...