Hidashi lemon fanfic~ {{Marked For Deletion}}

Hidashi lemon fanfic~ {{Marked For Deletion}}

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{Hiro's Pov}

My name is Hiro! Hiro Hamada! I'm 14 yeArs old...some people say I have the brain of a genius because I create robots but they say I don't use my "gift" because I usr them for bot fights,illegal bot fights to be exact...I live in SanFransokyo with my brother,Tadashi and my Aunt Cass...my parents died in a car accident when I was three so my Aunt Cass took us in,even though we love our aunt we've been practically on our own since our parents passed...

Hiro was on his computer looking for bot fights to go to one night when his 17 year old brother walked in their room they shared "Hey Hiro" he said walking to his side of the room and starting changing behind his dressing curtain,Hiro checked the time on the computer it read 8:37 "Why are you always staying at nerd school for so long?" Hiro asked starting to spin around in his black swivel chair 
"Because I enjoy it and I'm actually working on a project" Tadashi answered coming out all dressed up like he's going out,Hiro sto...

GabiChi012 GabiChi012 Oct 01
I feel dirty reading this... BUT  ɪ Sʜɪᴘ Tʜᴇᴍ WAY TOO MUCH!!
GabiChi012 GabiChi012 Oct 01
I love how he just casually *puts his cocks back into his boxers* 😂
raven33167 raven33167 Jan 05
I read
                              And I kid you not 
                              "Hiro uncovered his head and lied jerking to himself"
                              I need help