The Blind Genius

The Blind Genius

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Jay By J_Brianne Updated Jun 15

When Naruto Uzumaki was just born he lost his eye sight when his father ,The Fourth Hokage, sealed the demon fox inside of him.
As word spread around Konoha of the child's blindness they were happy. They thought that because he couldn't see would stop him from becoming a ninja, but they couldn't be more wrong. 

In fact, as a child he had already spoken to Kurama and was already on his path to be a great ninja. Though when he walked down the streets of his village he constantly heard them calling him "A demon" or "Worthless" and at first it hurt him, then it angered him, but eventually he just shut down his emotions. 

He would not let anyone hurt him any longer, he didn't care about anything or anyone -Except Kurama-. 
Before he even joined the Academy he trained, he learned everything that was needed to know about being a ninja. His knowledge was amazing, though a lot of people refused to notice it.

Naruto didn't care. He was there to become a great ninja. And that's what he was going to do.

Some opinions never change... others can be affected by it... and as time passes and life keeps going, they can change dramatically
That would be funny if iruka was like "The teams and teachers are on the board"
HalloweenReaper HalloweenReaper Aug 17, 2016
Don't worry Sasuke was like that to at one point in his life, and look at him now.
Yuesarutobi Yuesarutobi Jan 31
Oh, I didn't know that Sakura was talking about her self. 😂😂😂
aleciasg aleciasg Nov 29, 2015
The picture in the title is from a doujin called "Omou Hodo ni Touku" right?
naruto209ye naruto209ye Nov 28, 2015
I'm only at the start and I'm already impressed. Great work. I love how you write.