Unexpected (Ballet Blog #1) ✓

Unexpected (Ballet Blog #1) ✓

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Selena Brooks By selena_brooks Completed

Welcome to the most competitive dance school in the states. Now try and make it to the top, and see what you get. 

Starting at a new place is always tough, and starting fresh at one of the most prestigious dance companies is even tougher. All Ever Avery wanted was to belong, and to snag a part in the studio's winter ballet. But with the drama that comes with being a newbie in a cutthroat sport, she gets so much more.

[DISCLAIMER: I wrote this book about four years ago but am posting it because it's necessary in order to understand the rest of the series.  Please keep this in mind when reading.]

omg my boyfriend got a full ride to kirov and I'm still only taking two classes a week at my studio I can relate
- - Jun 12, 2016
Obsessed with this book after the first chapter! You are such a good writer! I love the plot line!! Also, wondering why I can read this so well... I self-teach, so I don't know how to write half this stuff, yet I am able to read it lol
shannashannakim shannashannakim Apr 02, 2016
I wish people were like that in the dance world haha when I transferred studios everyone looked at me like I was horrible and I got annoyed with that really quick so I worked hard and did better than them in class
shannashannakim shannashannakim Apr 02, 2016
one of my really good friends got a full scholarship to the SAB SI this year & im so proud of her
JorDanDunDun02 JorDanDunDun02 Apr 16, 2016
Oh yeah - how the heck do you pronounce Ever??? Is it like the word 'ever' out like Eva or something?? I've never seen that name before except once in a Wattpad book and I never got told how to pronounce it then either
shannashannakim shannashannakim Apr 02, 2016
at my last studio before I stopped ballet for many reasons, there was a really hot guy and I regret quitting :-(