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Jousets attached (human!fnaf x reader)

Jousets attached (human!fnaf x reader)

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teabottle By teabottle Completed

You're a kid wanting to earn some money maybe to save up for a car, so you to the typical thing by looking in the papers, you find a easy job as a night watch security guard at a pizzeria, if only you knew only how hard it was going to be! 

BORING WARNING AND STUFF YOU CAN TOTALLY SKIP: I should  get the copy right stuff out of the way SO, I own nothing but the story. fnaf 1-ect belongs to scott cawthon (I think that's how you spell his name?) and the artwork belongs to the people who made the fanart. this will have some mature content such as swearing and violence so if you are offended by that stuff or are under age you have been warned.  I should also  mention that chica will be chico aka her genderbend because reasons I guess, and this also includes her 2.0 or toy self. this story will also include some inside jokes from other fandoms such as homestuck and hetalia so if you don't understand a joke then there's your explanation. besides that I hope you enjoy the story! ^^

Thanks for the gay parents!
                              I'm just like 
                              YESSSS!!! FINALLY!!! THE GAY PARENTS I ALWAYS WANTED
Brittney2662 Brittney2662 Nov 11, 2016
Sorry didn't  know that it was going to have which .      ____. I never reader descriptions
Me being born is the biggest shame and a mistake in Mark's and Jack's lifes
                              Freddy: WE DON'T USE THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE HERE!
                              I'M DYING HERE! 😂😂😂😂😂
Ok not getting killed without pizza
                              Killed with pizza 
                              What do you choose?
Blazesnow99 Blazesnow99 Feb 20
I'll eat sausage pizza before I pm wiped off the face of the earth! YEP!!