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Stumble [Rewrite]

Stumble [Rewrite]

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a ninja By writer168 Updated Apr 22

"Being here for as long as you have, has wanting to change the past ever crossed your mind?" she questioned. Sasori shrugged.
"I would if I could, but what shinobi deserves a second chance?"

After dying, Sasori and Sakura- once sworn enemies- never imagined being brought back to the world in the living. But they were in a simpler time. A much, much simpler time.

Time Travel AU

Rewrite of Stumble (2013)
Cover by: @SkyKnight_
BETA: @OfCloves

Why are these four always the first to go in fanfics? I get Neji. . .
Ovidae Ovidae Apr 17
I mean, I want to say that Sakura, you made a mistake, but she didn't want more people to die muchless Sasuke and Naruto.
THIS IS AMAZING . Usually I read ones about naruto and sasuke going into the past , not sakura AND sasori ( I probably spelled that wrong)
How do people do this? When I try for my books it's just sounds like gibberish!😂
WOW, how do you people come up with such great prophecies??!?!?! Mine all suck when I try to create one.
RIP I'm gonna die 66 chapters RIP school and social life I'll be back in weeks time