Changing Mr. Popular

Changing Mr. Popular

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She was just the nobody that blended into the wall. A small group of friends was just how she liked it. Her life was about to change though. When Mr.Popular came into her life it was all downhill from there.

When Allie met Reed Parker she knew his type. The Type A Jerk of the football team partying and kissing cheerleaders, and no disregard for anything except for when the next hot girl would climb into his bed, but Allie would be surprised Reed wasn't what she thought he was. Although unlike every other girl she was determined to not fall at his feet, but then they start changing each other for the better. Something no one was prepared for. Can Ms.Nobody change Mr.Populars perspective?

Completed 10-23-15

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AG4049951 AG4049951 5 days ago
Fricken Harry Potter!!!  yeeeeessssss!!!Gryffindor is MY HOUSE💜
x_umaymah_x x_umaymah_x Apr 14, 2016
Call me weird but I thought the bloody part was funny... Just my opinion 🙀
- - Aug 20, 2016
*gasps* how can one hate football. football is life. OMG. i hate girls that hate football. i love football. call me weird for being a girl and obsessing over football but... i have no sisters and 3 brothers. im a tomboy.
Clace016 Clace016 Oct 27, 2016
Whenever my science wants to get our attention and doesn't feel like yelling he goes into the closet grabs a meter stick and smacks it off a desk.
Clace016 Clace016 Oct 24, 2016
I love Language arts and reading and writing!! We have so much in common.
                              (Yes I know I'm talking like this book character is real. Just leave me alone I'm probably nuts who knows. 😀😀)
LibertyKissed LibertyKissed Aug 28, 2015
@Attia28 OK this made my Friday so thank you I needed a laugh ♥