No Angels(MarkiplierXReader)

No Angels(MarkiplierXReader)

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Mommy Monster By Mommy-Monster Updated Oct 30, 2015

"That's pretty fricken awesome," I smiled at Evee. A friend of mine, like me... Very geeky. She looked around adjusting her fez and bowtie and stopped. She just stared. "What..." I turned around to see a man who looked ferociously like... No. I can't jump to conclusions. I looked back at her.

"That's him." She froze in place. I kept looking at the back of the man.

"You can't even see his face... How would you know?" I got closer to her.

"I'd know that butt anywhere," She said still dazed. That's not Mark... It can't be. He never told his fans... Nothing... She latched onto my wrist, "We're gonna say hi,"

"No. I am not going up to some random dude who may or may not be who you think he is. I need to get back to my house to feed Bear." I turned around clinging to my posters and stuff. 

"Killjoy. You have to pass him to get to the door anyway. The other door is locked. So... You might as well say hello." She looked at me grinning. Evil little one isn't she... 

"Nope. You can. I won'...

Mark: DID I WON 
                              me: well ya won at forgetting the fricken number for 911 HOW DO YOU FORGET THAT?!?!?!?!??!
When mark becomes like this he becomes your typical man-bitch
                              Me: Mark...take a moment and think about what you just said...-.-
Panic or no panic? Play or no play? Study or no study? Get up or stay in bed? What I ask myself each day... (  ._.)
Kaylaqua Kaylaqua Nov 10
Quick! What's the number for 911?
                              How am I supposed to know?
                              Who got that reference??!!
Garroth321 Garroth321 Oct 18
Mark is mine back off little Evee Bitch!
                              Jacksepticeye reference!!!