In the womb of my mother, it all started

She has a duty, a heavy and woeful responsibility

A duty of pain and agony, a sign of danger on her dorehead, she has a prophesy of misery and a desire of melancholy, she lay her womb

And took the blame, she carry the pain 

And the shame and go through 

The narrow path, but remember mother 

That your days are near you will reap all that 

You have sow, and there is a rewards 

In every steps you have taken, soon there

Will be no more sorrows and agony

Mother how lovely you are

You that will never leave the memory of men

I will never forget you mother

You that carry me on your lap.

Feed me with breast

You that made me your God

Mother I will always love you, though

I am the cause of your worst agony 

And pain, you love me and have never ceased 

Doing so, your blessings shall surely come to 

Pass and your prayers shall be heard

Though your Lamentations are long, nature 

Will favor you and never will I forget nor

Forsake you mo...

edwardadamah123 edwardadamah123 Nov 06, 2013
You that carry me on ur lap
                              Feed me with your breasttt
                               Nice nice
HeavenlyDeity HeavenlyDeity Apr 10, 2013
Aww:) This Is Very Sweet! You Should Get It Published In A Book!