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Neji x reader: Poisoned Love

Neji x reader: Poisoned Love

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Konamuru-chan By Konamuru-chan Updated Oct 31, 2016

OK!!! I welcome you to my Neji x reader story! Imagine the foto is when Naruto and the others are grown ups, ok? Which means Tsunade's face with the rest of the Hokages. So, your clan are literally made of poison, purple skin, only fight with tayjutsu (like Gai-Sensei and Lee) but your clan can ONLY do defense, and the attitude and personalities, well, like the Hyuga! Basically, your clans hair are quite colorful, like: green, purple, blue, ect. Poison looking color hair. When you or/and your clan eat, they eat with spices, DEADLY spices (Just incase, not that the spice will literally kill you, just that the spice is really spicy). But I'm going to be generous since this is an x reader story, not OC. You are in danger because Orochimaru is planing to take you away so he could have your body (that sounded so dirty in so many levels right? XD ). But you are small from hight, ok? So he'll be thinking that you are weak when you actually aren't. Well, here are the basics:

(Y/N): Your name

CelestiasRise12 CelestiasRise12 Jun 23, 2016
He is really cute and sexy with those bright lavender eyes. XD
Born_to_ship_yuri Born_to_ship_yuri Apr 03, 2016
I knew it was lee...this dude needs to calm down some. Its like he drinks coffee every second of the day
jasmine779 jasmine779 Oct 30, 2016
Wait a minute kiba was flirting, just
                              Naruto to say you're weird
Konamuru-chan Konamuru-chan Nov 26, 2016
Now that you mention it, your are right! Oops! Hehe *sweat drop*... My mistake! XD
Born_to_ship_yuri Born_to_ship_yuri Apr 03, 2016
Dude...them eyes are sooooooooo beautiful...i love them so much!!!!!!
Konamuru-chan Konamuru-chan Mar 01, 2016
Jeje although I made a mistake, it wasn't supposed to be 'like last year', it's supposed to be when Hiashi and Hizashi were together... Which was a LONG time ago... '-.-