He's My Fiancé And Teacher

He's My Fiancé And Teacher

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Hannah Simpson; an 18 year old girl who isn't so much for the proposition of marrying some childhood friend because she wants to find someone for herself, she doesn't want to fall in love because of her parents.

As much as Hannah is against the idea she has no clue who her fiancé is but according to her parents she has known him a long time.

Imagine the surprise she gets when he is her teacher too.

She is now being made to marry her teacher; there has got to be something against that, right?

A/N - Hey guys, this is a re-write of my previous arranged marriage book so I really hope you like this. I want to say thank you to anyone who reads this book or my other books because it means a lot plus thank you for putting up with how I update ~ Hannah xxx

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sharonva sharonva Mar 15, 2017
I am sad to hear. I hope it is better now, he shouldn't tread you like that. He doesn't deserve you if he tread you like that! Held you held high!😚
jessie_bell2001 jessie_bell2001 May 30, 2017
I have like 2 weeks in school days and then like 17 days in total
sharonva sharonva Mar 15, 2017
Aaw I wish I had someone who wants to protect me like that! He is so cut!
KikiWiwi7 KikiWiwi7 Aug 04, 2017
ironic because my geography teachers twin was room mates with theo james when he was in university and is best friends with him
Elai2M Elai2M Aug 11, 2016
Me approves of him, young palawan. 
                                       -Green wrinkled Guy from SW
Its_a_writers_thing Its_a_writers_thing Jul 04, 2016
Funny how she is Hannah.
                              If you watch PLL then you'll understand this.