Poisonous. {manxman}

Poisonous. {manxman}

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(Book 1 in the Venom series.)

Zanos Zhukarti left all his jobs back in America and fled to Florence, Italy to escape it all. Now two years later, he is called by the FBI to come back and do some missions.

He flies back to be partnered with no one other than the man he was trying to avoid, Alejandro Ivanov.

*will contain lots of swearing, sexual sarcasm, innuendos and plain ole' smut*

  • alejandro
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  • denial
  • dominance
  • gayaf
  • hatred
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alex_jf alex_jf Oct 24
"Rude awakening" what nice way to let him know what he's in for🦄
ForeverTOP ForeverTOP Sep 19
Man.. seriously, you're already acting like a little bitch! 🙄
I know for a fact that if a man ever did that to my sister, I would hurt him very much. So go ahead buddy, I'll even help you
BLfreak BLfreak May 22
You're not gay? Oh sweetheart.. don't worry.. he'll pull the gay out of you
Cinder-kun Cinder-kun Jun 28
When I litarally only know what mi amor is off the top of my head because of how often it's used, and I stay on the gay side of it at all times, I mean I dont' even know what language it is!... wow, that did not sound how I meant it to... I have too much fujoshi blood in me...
That moment when you finaly find somone with the same name as you (maria) and then she is dead <.<