Fangirl in disguise | Naruto fanfiction

Fangirl in disguise | Naruto fanfiction

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KonanWhite By KonanWhite Updated Feb 07

"Kyaaah Sasuke-kun, you're so cool!" 
"Hmph. What's so good about that guy anyways?" 


Fourteen year-old Japanese girl, Yoshida Kirimi was a fangirl. 
A popular anime called 'Naruto' being something that consumes almost all of her time. 
And as many other fangirls she had a particular character stuck in her mind... Uchiha Sasuke. 
Kirimi was a typical Sakura, screeching like a banshee every time her Sasuke-kun appeared on the screen.
But Kirimi never gave any thought to actually meeting her favorite character in person, what would happen if one morning she didn't wake up in the comfort of her bed but instead to find two big eyes staring at her and people gushing over the new born baby? 
Only when the girl realized and accepted that she has been thrown into the insanity of her favorite anime will she know what to do when she meets the young Uchiha..
..Do not fangirl.

I do not own Naruto, i only own my OC.

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Nanaki_Senju Nanaki_Senju Feb 18, 2016
This an amazing story! But, I want to ask…will you update your other story? I really want to read the next chapter.
AmuletSugar1 AmuletSugar1 Jun 11, 2016
It's still the beginning, but I like that in this chapter you stayed true to the Japanese culture and lineage. Most writers will have a character with a Japanese name, but Americanized looks or vice versa.
IbelieveINtheUNREAL IbelieveINtheUNREAL Sep 09, 2016