Imprint (Seth Clearwater)

Imprint (Seth Clearwater)

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maybeimthatgirl By maybeimthatgirl Updated Aug 21, 2017

After the mysterious death of her Grandparents, Lillian and her father are shipped off to live in La Push, Washington. 

The greenery and picturesque landscape are one thing but Seth Clearwater is another. Although at first Lillian is oblivious to the supernatural in and around Folks, she soon finds out that fairytales and nightmares can come true. 

But maybe some good can come out of it all. Perhaps even an imprint.


This story doesn't follow any specific Twilight plot but it takes place after Breaking Dawn. 

All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer besides Lillian and her dad.

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Blahblah1292 Blahblah1292 Jun 17, 2017
Sue would surely need them with all those elephant looking asses they call shape-shifters (jk luv the pack)
AceMaster2012 AceMaster2012 Dec 31, 2017
I was used to the weather when I moved to America. Mainly because I lived on the coast of Ireland.
IIIblackjackIII IIIblackjackIII Nov 23, 2017
Yes yes I think I'm gonna like it here yes yes I think I'm gonna like it here ... Yes yes
Kitty_rem Kitty_rem Aug 06, 2017
Oh no looks like Emily has some competition in the muffin game
maddieandnalu maddieandnalu Apr 02, 2017
Montana is
                              Winter= snow
                              Fall= snow
                              Spring= snow and rain
                              Summer= warm
-voidstargazer -voidstargazer Apr 02, 2017
Me: Hello Seth*says giggling and blushing*
                              Seth: Hey babe*says smirking*