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Not For a Second; Remus Lupin love story

Not For a Second; Remus Lupin love story

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LesMisPotterhead4 By LesMisPotterhead4 Updated Feb 08, 2015

Introduction: Meeting Him

Elizabeth's POV

As I boarded the Hogwarts Express for my fifth year, I bumped into a man. I flew back and landed hard on the ground. "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!" he shouts. He reaches out a hand to help me. I look up to meet the most beautiful butterscotch eyes. I brush myself off. "You must be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor", I say, sticking out my hand for him to shake. "Elizabeth Elie, fifth year" He smiles and shakes my hand. "R.J Lupin. Sorry for knocking you over" I laugh. "Don't worry about it. You'd be surprised by how often it happens" He looks quizzically at me. "Well, I should go find my friends", I say. "Yes, of course. Sorry for keeping you" "It's no problem, it was nice meeting you" "You too", he says, and we go our separate ways. There was something off about that man. For one thing, he looked sickly. I'm a werewolf, and Dumbledore said I would be joined by another this year. It could be that, considering the Full Moon tonight. Hi...

LesMisPotterhead4 LesMisPotterhead4 Apr 02, 2014
@princess4life321 also thays what the beginning is... tjey meet and you find out they claim each other
LesMisPotterhead4 LesMisPotterhead4 Apr 02, 2014
I really like waking ip in the morming to someone telling me what to do thanks
princess4life321 princess4life321 Apr 02, 2014
U should've put like a description or a summary to the story so we know how it's like