Take Me With You (Lesbian Story)

Take Me With You (Lesbian Story)

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"Do you believe in Destiny or Soul mate?" 

She asked while we're both laying flat on the shiny wooden floor boards of my dance studio. I shifted to my side and she did the same our faces approximately an inch from each other. I could feel her warm breath brushing on my lips her breathing even and then slow. We we're still flushed, a thin layer of sweat is covering her forehead to her prominent collarbone from a finished set of rumba or tango or whatever dance that I don't remember since all I saw while dancing was her serene face and the feel of her body against mine drove me crazy to the point of near delusion. I looked her in the eyes and answered her wholeheartedly.

"I do now. But before I don't."
She looked down while biting her lower lip and shyly asked. 

"What made you believe in them now?" redirecting her eyes to mine.

I brought my fingers up her chin and softly sighed.


And as her smile widened I closed the gap between us, gently placing my lips against hers and I swear for a moment we are one.

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PortiaCartagena PortiaCartagena Nov 26, 2015
Why am i so fascinated in your stories i dont even know jade nor althea but your good writing your stories! Keep More stories author! Stories like this is new to me..
sweetnina662 sweetnina662 Oct 15, 2015
I started reading another story of yours and its amazing first chap. I think there will be jathea reincarnation.
SamGarcia558 SamGarcia558 Sep 02, 2015
it's late and have work tom but i want to read this, just finished reading your other stories omg beautifully written so i know this one also. im a fan now author Haha
HanJulee6 HanJulee6 Aug 22, 2015
Hmmm..sounds interesting!! Reincarnation of jade and althea! Mukang tatambay ako sa story na to