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His smile was lustful. "We have to put on a good show, love." He smirked. 

"I hate you." I spat back through gritted teeth. 

"I don't mind." He pulled me closer by my waist. Our bodies so close together they became one. 

I put one hand in his neck and the other on his chest. He lowered his lips onto mine, his gaze never breaking from mine. I gripped his shirt tightly as he deepened the kiss. I wasn't aware I was enjoying the kiss until his tongue invaded my mouth and my eyes closed as a slight moan escaped from my throat. He traced small circles on the small of my back and I dug my hand in his hair and I too danced the sensual dance he was dancing. I could feel he was very pleased for his member pushed against my groin. I had never experienced anything like this before, nor will I ever forget. Never will I forget the kiss of my doom. 

He pulled away, smiling triumphantly. "If you kiss like that hating me, I can't imagine how you'll kiss when you love me."

"I. Hate. You." My gaze was hateful. And I smiled dangerously. "I will always despise you."

His eyes turned dark and his smile faded. A chill ran down my spine. I could feel his entire body through my thin silk evening dress. He held me tighter, his thumb caressed my lower lip and he kissed me again, harder, and deeper as he dipped me back...


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citygirlsp1412 citygirlsp1412 Aug 27, 2016
Her middle name is Isis? Makes me think of that terror group straightaway!
kate190021 kate190021 Jun 13, 2016
Brooooo you should have read the freakin terms and conditions before you freakin signed 😞