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The gangster leader has his eyes on me

The gangster leader has his eyes on me

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rainbows254 By rainbows254 Updated Oct 28, 2016

Sneak peak:
I sat on the bed thinking, how did I end up here. My thought got interrupted when he walked in with bruised and cuts all over his face. 
"What happened to you? Sit down." I told him. "Im fine. " he said. 
"No you're not. Sit down right now. " his eyes were shot up surprised by my sudden authority in my voice. He saw that I wasn't backing down so he sat down. I went to the bath room and got the first aid kit. 
"This is going to sting, don't move." I said while putting alcohol onto his cuts. I saw him wince a few times. When I was done I looked through his dark blue eyes, I don't know what to think. Slowly he started to lean in... 
What will happen? READ TO FIND OUT!!! Not edited so be aware for typos and grammar errors!

Derise0617 Derise0617 May 16, 2016
Last time I checked I was 4'11 but according to my cousins I should be at least 5'0 or a few inches taller
teenage_dirtbag18 teenage_dirtbag18 Dec 16, 2016
Naah my Stepdad is like that  he wakes me up every morning  while  im just talking in my sleep saying that im up but i dont know wtf im doing 😂
Maddi3Ski1738 Maddi3Ski1738 Apr 15, 2016
oooooohhhh no offense but i'm about 78% taller than most teenage girls....that what the doctor said....not to brag and i'm 13
2Fye4U_Angel28 2Fye4U_Angel28 Jun 25, 2016
Nahh that wouldnt be me.. I would curse at the alarm. Then hug bae (my bed). Then fall back asleep..
CriticalEmo CriticalEmo Apr 13, 2016
I have asthma too bight side me running in PE never happened
chwooster chwooster Oct 09, 2016
Cooking + writing =....hmm oh well I don't know! Maybe a cookbook?!?